Since the 1950s, Ranch Style homes have been popular in America. The most noticeable feature of these homes is their large front porches and spacious rooms. This characteristic makes them ideal for larger families. Even today, these houses continue to remain popular and are in almost all residential areas in America. While these homes have a distinct look, they can easily be updated to have a modern and appealing look. If you want to sell your ranch-style home, here are a few ways to improve the curb appeal.  

Add Visual Interest Through Color

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The majority of ranch-style homes appear dull simply because they lack contrast. Most of their exteriors feature subdued, single-color palettes and standard wood with stucco or brick siding. A new paint layer can be the change that is needed. A coat of punchy hue on the porch, window trim, or door can help lighten things. You can further introduce new architectural elements to add more color—decorative pillars, shutters, or trellises are all viable options.  

Avoid the Boxy Look

Ranch-style homes average about 1,500 to 1,700 square feet, but some can go as large as 2,500 square feet. However, the boxy appearance of these homes doesn’t have a good impression, considering that ranch houses tend to have an open inner layout.

You can avoid the boxy look by adding visual interest and minimizing the number of angels. For instance, you can add curved walkways leading from the main driveway to the garage. Avoid straight edges and 90-degree angles by laying pavers, stamped concrete, or bricks in a more spacious design. You can then plant colorful flowers along the path to create a sense of space and openness by attracting the eye to the yard.  

 Also, you can add rounded garden beds along the front and sides and plant a blend of colorful annuals, perennials, and grass for year-round visual appeal. 

Trim Trees and Shrubs

A ranch house can easily get lost in a crowded landscape. If left untrimmed, trees can conceal the front of the house, making it appear smaller than it is. Large trees can also block the natural light from getting into the house.  

If trees are not in the way, make sure that you get rid of any bushes and shrubs at the front side of the house to prevent them from obstructing the window. Maintain a shrub height that is below the window to allow natural light into the house. 

Make Improvements to the Porch

Many ranch homes have a small front porch. If your porch is shaded, you can give it a grand entrance by increasing its reach. You can create a taller, pitched roof over it or add a canopy to create more interest. If your property cannot accommodate a larger porch, you can make the most of the existing one by adding minor features such as a decorative railing, updated hardware, or potted plants down the steps. 

Ensure Symmetry to Boost Eye Interest 

If your landscaping lacks proper arrangement by size, your ranch-style home might look unappealing. Improve the yard’s appearance by ensuring that trees are arranged according to their sizes. Arrange the low-growing shrubs symmetrically. In the same way, plant the taller plants in pairs to create balance. If your yard has enough space to place raised planter boxes, you can use them to create an illusion of height. Raised plant designs to ensure proper drainage.  

Break the Monotony of Horizontal Lines

The extensive, single design and the open floor of a ranch-style home are appealing from the inside. However, it can be unattractive from the outside. You can change this by adding a few landscaping improvements. Break the monotony and add a visual appeal to the low roofline.  

Choose colorful grasses and shrubs and plant them close to the house without overwhelming the exterior. However, one must choose shorter shrubs like boxwoods that will not obstruct the low windows. When well planted, they will attract the eye and reduce the vastness of the exterior. The shrub and the tall trees planted on the pathway to the driveway and garage will draw the attention of your visitors. The attention will no longer be on the horizontal rooftop.  

Make the Front Door Visible and Appealing

The front door can be a deal-breaker if you are not careful. A well-lit and stately front door is welcoming to all who visit your home. Sadly, most ranch-style homes have an L-shaped or rectangular design which can be a spoiler for the front door. You can make things lively by choosing an attractive door color.  

Another important thing is the door numbers. If they are not visible from the street, then you need to make sure that they are. Get rid of the outdated digits with modern ones like those brushed in dark bronze, aluminum, and matte brass, powder-coated black, or powder-coated white.  

Improve Lighting

Your home’s exterior lighting is very crucial. If you have one or two porch lights, it might be a good idea to arrange some new light fixtures. When it comes to exterior lighting, you have two options: moonlight and uplight. Moonlight involves placing a soft light in trees to give the lawn and pathway a natural glow. Uplighting is the opposite; light is fixed on the ground and then angled upward to point at your home or a beautiful tree or object in your yard. A simple improvement like this one can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.  

By implementing some of these curb appeal ideas for your ranch-style home, you can improve the look of your home. Even if you are not selling your home, a home that looks appealing makes you feel happy. A few basics like painting the exterior, trimming trees and shrubs, improving the exterior lighting, and improving the porch are all good ways of improving the curb appeal.

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