New Kitchen Design & Construction in Valparaiso, IN

Designing Your Dream Kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of a home. From cooking breakfast to hosting a holiday get-together, this is probably where you spend most of your time with your family or friends. If your kitchen is outdated or no longer serves your needs and you’re interested in giving it a refresh in your new home, Steiner Homes Kitchens is a great place to start. We’ve worked with homeowners to design countless kitchens they love.

Choosing a Custom Kitchen Design

We consider several factors when designing your custom kitchen, including your personality. Through discussions with you, we’ll develop a design that fits your needs but lets your personality and style shine through. Our experienced team of housing specialists will help you pick the design elements you want and a floor plan that works best for your needs. We’ll be there to assist you throughout the kitchen refresh process and answer any questions.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Designing Your New Kitchen

We design kitchens based on your personality and needs. Before our meeting, it’s essential to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to include an eat-in kitchen with space for a table and chairs or a built-in breakfast nook?
  • How many seats would you like if you decided on the breakfast nook?
  • Do you need space beside the kitchen for a separate dining area?
  • Do you want to optimize your use of natural light and have your kitchen facing the direction needed?
  • What view of your property do you want to be seen while eating together or cooking?
  • Do you want to include a kitchen island? If so, how large would you like it to be?
  • Do you also want to include a breakfast counter on the island and a space for stools?
  • Do you want to add a sink on the island so you can face the people at the counter when preparing food or washing dishes?
  • Would you like a large walk-in pantry for additional storage space?
  • Would you like to include a feeding area for your pets?
  • What appliances do you plan on using?

Consider Adding a Study or Office Space

Some people also dedicate an area in their kitchen as a workspace or study space for the kids, while others use the kitchen table or island. Consider adding an area with adequate lighting and storage space that ensures a good internet connection and the ability to charge or plug in computers, phones, etc. This way, you can easily help your kids while they’re studying or use this area when you need to work from home but don’t have an office. Some people extend their kitchen counter to give them space to fit a chair or additional stool.

Types of Appliances

Once your flooring, cabinetry, and counters have been installed, it’s time to think about what appliances you want in your new kitchen. You’ll have to choose electric versus gas ranges and the type of refrigerator you want. Appliances significantly impact home value, so if you plan on reselling, it’s worth purchasing items that will last until you sell your home. You also want to make sure your appliances fit the area you’re refreshing, so if you plan on changing sizes, we’ll need to discuss this while designing your new kitchen to ensure you have the space you need.

Popular Kitchen Materials

Popular kitchen materials in the 2020s include:

  • Reclaimed wood.
  • Natural wood finishes for open shelving or custom cabinetry.
  • Bronze, copper, brushed nickel, black metal, and more can be chosen for range hoods, sinks, faucets, and light fixtures.
  • Natural stone.
  • Rustic tile, glass tile, subway tile, and high-tech LED backsplashes.
  • Dark-painted cabinets.
  • Dark hardwood accents and floors.

We know you want eye-catching, functional, and easy-to-clean materials. With one of our Steiner Homes housing specialists, you can choose beautiful materials that fit your lifestyle.

About Steiner Homes

Steiner Homes has a team of housing specialists to help make your dream home ideas come to life. If you’re looking into building a new home, we understand how important this process is to you and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. You can browse our new-build options online to see if there’s one that you’re interested in, and we can get started in evaluating a plan that works for you.

Contact Steiner Homes for Your New Kitchen

If you have any more questions or want to speak with one of our experts about a Steiner Homes kitchen, contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help you get started. You can reach us by phone at 219-248-2195 or online via our secure message form. We look forward to helping you design the kitchen of your dreams.