New Home Builders in LaPorte, IN

If you plan on building a new home, LaPorte, Indiana, is an ideal destination. You’ll enjoy affordable housing, a thriving park system, and an abundance of lakes that cater to everything, from beach picnics to weekends on the water. The revitalized LaPorte farmers market, known as Farmed & Forged, highlights the skilled local producers of the area, including farmers, brewers, artisans, and chefs. If you’re ready to become a LaPorte local, Steiner Homes can help.

Steps in the Home-Building Process

LaPorte Home BuildersWe take great care with every step of the home-building process. We want your new home in LaPorte to offer everything you want and need for years. Before we dive into the details of building your new home, we get to know you and your family so we can offer personalized options and thoughtful suggestions uniquely suited to your lifestyle.

If you’re coming to LaPorte to make the most of our lake life, you might need extra space in your garage to store your kayaks, so they’re always ready for an excursion on Stone Lake or Clear Lake. If our wineries are calling to you, you might want to arrange your kitchen with ample space for a decorative wine rack you can fill with picks from Anderson’s Vineyard, Shady Creek, and Butler Winery. Once we have a feel for what you want, we’ll proceed with the rest of the home-building process.

Step One: Initial Planning and Excavation

In this initial home construction phase, you’ll select your floor plan and pick some preliminary elements such as the tubs, showers, and exterior materials and colors. While you’re working on these details, we’ll begin excavation and prepare the foundation for your new home in LaPorte.

Step Two: Framing and Additional Selection

During the second selection process, you’ll determine the placement for your electrical and plumbing fixtures, laying out the future functionality of your home. We’ll construct your home’s exterior walls and roof during this time. In the next selection meetings, you’ll pick out your flooring, lighting fixtures, cabinets, and other interior items while our construction team moves on to start framing your home.

Step Three: Exterior Finishing and Mechanical Rough-Ins

In the next stage of construction, we finish the roofing, exterior wall coverings, and exterior concrete. Meanwhile, our contractors are inside roughing in your electrical, plumbing, and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. This stage in the construction process ends with a home inspection.

Step Four: Walls and Floors

Your home’s interior gets a major transformation in this phase as we install insulation and drywall. Once the walls are in, we place any hard flooring that you’ve chosen throughout the house.

Step Five: Cabinetry and Casings

This exciting phase sees the installation of your cabinetry, columns, lockers, and stairways. We’ll add window casings, door casings, and trims.

Step Six: Final Touches

In the last stage of the home-building process, we add the finishing touches. Walls get the final coat of paint, and woodwork takes its last coat of stain. We install the cabinet pulls, doorknobs, plumbing fixtures, and electrical trim. Mirrors are hung in the bathroom as your home takes its final shape. If your home has carpet, we’ll lay this last to keep it pristine.

Hiring Local Home Builders

We know that you have a choice of new-home builders in LaPorte. It’s crucial that you make the right decision so you have a solid team on your side throughout the home construction process. At Steiner Homes, we take our time getting to know every client. We understand the extreme importance of building a home that feels right for your family, and we won’t take any shortcuts along the way.

Even seemingly small decisions, such as the shape of your ceiling, can make a big difference in the finished look and feel of your home. If you’re an art aficionado drawn to LaPorte for its local art galleries and talented artisans, you’ll want a home with plenty of wall space to display your growing collection of local finds. This may mean cathedral ceilings in the great room so you have the perfect spot for a soaring painting.

Perhaps you’re coming to LaPorte for the thriving farm culture and dream of whipping up a completely local meal with Sampson Beef, a Tuholski Produce salad, and a cobbler rich with Garwood Orchards blackberries and raspberries. We’ll help you equip your home with a gourmet kitchen featuring a spacious pantry and intuitive workflow.

We pride ourselves on being the most attentive LaPorte home builders you can find. We’ve worked through all the intricacies that go into designing a functional and feature-packed home, so we can bring that expertise to the table in every design meeting. We think of the little things and ask all the right questions to make sure your home design can provide the ideal lifestyle for your family.

Making LaPorte, Indiana, Your Home

When your home construction is finished, all that’s left is moving in and making yourself home. If you have children, you’ll need to connect with the LaPorte Community School Corporation to get them enrolled in the local public school system. If you’re interested in a private school education, La Lumiere is a boarding and day prep school located right in LaPorte.

Don’t forget to visit the La Porte County Public Library and sign up for a library card so you can access all the facility’s offerings. This library has far more than just books. Its Library of Things includes puzzles, games, yoga equipment, slow cookers, instant pots, STEAM kits, foam rollers, and more that you can check out and take home for a while.

Building a Home in LaPorte, Indiana

LaPorte, Indiana, is an idyllic place to call home. If you’re looking for new-home builders in LaPorte to help you design a custom house, contact our Steiner Homes team. We’ll walk you through every step of the home-building process to ensure you get the best of new homes. You’ll be living the lake life in no time.

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