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Chesterton is a town in Westchester, Jackson, and Liberty townships of Porter County. Chesterton brings the luxuries of a top-flight high school, easy shopping, and many fine restaurants in the area. Chesterton is home to approximately 14,844 people and five fantastic subdivisions: Easton Park, Coffee Creek, St. Andrews, Sand Creek, and The Preserve

Less than an hour’s drive to Chicago, Chesterton offers small-town life with the conveniences of the windy city just a short trip away. When you move to Chesterton, you’ll also enjoy lower taxes, a lower cost of living, safer communities, and more house for your money!

When you’re ready to call Chesterton home, reach out to Steiner Homes. As Chesterton, Indiana’s premier custom home builder and we’re ready to serve you. With the highest quality standards around and an array of floor plans available, we’re sure to have what your family needs.

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Chesterton High School serves the tri-town area and is home to 5 public schools: Liberty Elementary School, Bailey Elementary School, Yost Elementary School, Jackson Elementary School, and Brummitt Elementary School. Chesterton also has two private schools: St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School and Fairhaven Baptist Academy.

Benefits of moving to Chesterton, IN

Benefits of moving to Chesterton, IN

If you're considering moving to Chesterton, Indiana, you should know a few things. Chesterton is one of Indiana's best towns to live in for a variety of reasons. Chesterton benefits everyone from the real estate and schools to the jobs and local community. Families...

Easton Park: Subdivision Information

Easton Park: Subdivision Information

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Sand Creek: Subdivision Information

Sand Creek: Subdivision Information

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St. Andrews: Subdivision Information

St. Andrews: Subdivision Information

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Chesterton New Home Builder

Chesterton is a small city in Indiana nestled right along the southernmost shore of Lake Michigan. With a population of about 13,000 people, the Chesterton community has a suburban feel with small-town sensibilities. Bustling with unique small businesses, artisan markets, and outdoor adventures, Chesterton has a little something for everyone. Discover why Chesterton is one of the best up-and-coming cities for laying your roots by learning about everything this Midwestern gem has to offer.

History of Chesterton

chesterton, indiana

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The land that would eventually become Chesterton was initially home to the Potowatomi and Miami peoples of the Great Lakes Woodland Culture, who enjoyed the lush flora and fauna for thousands of years before colonization. The booming fur trade attracted European settlers to the Chesterton area, and eventually brought French-Canadian fur trader Joseph Bailly to the area in 1822, marking the beginning of Chesterton’s development as an American city.

Chesterton’s Founding Families

Bailly and his wife Marie opened a trading post on the Little Calumet River that enabled other pioneers to settle in the area. The Bailly homestead would become a pillar of the Chesterton community and is currently listed as a historic site that visitors can enjoy to this day. In 1833, pioneers Jesse and Jane Morgan arrived in Chesterton and built a stop on the stagecoach route from Chicago to Detroit, attracting an influx of pioneers. Chesterton’s founder, William Thomas, arrived in the early 1830s and opened a general store and sawmill that helped to kickstart the local economy, which has continued to grow to this day.

How Did Chesterton Get Its Name?

The community that cropped up around William Thomas’s property initially went by the name of Coffee Creek, until it was renamed Calumet in 1850 as a reference to a Potowatomi cultural ritual. Another town on the same railroad line also had the name Calmut, causing the town to be re-named in 1870 to reduce confusion. So, the name changed to Chesterton in 1870, referencing its location in the Westchester Township.

Chesterton Today

Chesterton has transitioned from a bustling industrial town to a comfortable, family-friendly suburb with wholesome values and a strong community spirit. Chesterton’s modern claim to fame is the animated movie Over the Hedge, which used Chesterton as the idyllic suburban setting for goofy animal antics. Several professional athletes call Chesterton home, including Olympic gold medalist swimmer Blake Pieroni and multiple MLB players.

Is Chesterton a Good Place to Live?

Just an hour from Chicago and minutes away from the picturesque Indiana Dunes National and State Parks, Chesterton residents benefit from the town’s convenient location that provides easy access to both urban and natural areas. With a low cost of living, high home-ownership rates, excellent public transportation, and plenty of local attractions, Chesterton is a great place to buy a home and start a family. Whether you are looking for a quiet home base with an easy commute to Chicago or simply want the charm of a close-knit community, Chesterton is one of the best places to live in the Chicago metro area.

Is Chesterton Safe?

Safety is one of the first things you look at when deciding on a new place to build your life, making Chesterton’s low crime rates and high safety rankings especially appealing. As one of the safest cities in Indiana, Chesterton’s violent crime rate is close to zero and it ties with St. John’s for having the fewest property crimes in the entire state. You can relax knowing that residents in the close-knit community of Chesterton are always looking out for one another to cultivate a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

Things to Do in Chesterton

You’ll find plenty of ways to stay entertained in Chesterton, with a wealth of parks, walking trails, art events, historic sites, and opportunities for outdoor adventure. Eclectic markets crop up throughout the year, giving you the chance to find unique gifts and artisan wares by local entrepreneurs. Take a picturesque walk through the Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve and snap pictures of the native wildlife, or enjoy a round of golf at one of Chesterton’s pristine courses. Explore Chesterton and discover museums, galleries, well-maintained campgrounds, and even a brewery and winery for a taste of local flavors.

Chesterton Restaurants

Chesterton is home to a vibrant restaurant scene with a variety of local and international cuisines that will satisfy your every craving. From casual counter-serve burger joints to upscale Italian dining in a historic house, Chesterton has an impressive range of food options for a town of its size. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe where you can read your favorite book or want a quick sweet treat at a classic ice cream parlor, you’re sure to find the perfect spot strolling around Chesterton’s downtown area.

Great Schools in Chesterton, Indiana

When you live in Chesterton, you don’t have to worry about finding quality education for your kids. You can choose between Chesterton’s highly-rated public schools or opt for one of the private schools in the area. Chesterton public schools boast a high graduation rate, test scores that are much higher than the state average, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities to keep students active and involved in their community.

Chesterton is also a perfect place to pursue higher education, conveniently located within a few miles of several community colleges, trade schools, and universities. Students can take classes at nearby Ivy Tech Community College, or enroll in one of Purdue University’s two esteemed campuses in the area.  Valparaiso University is also only a short drive from Chesterton, and everyone who lives in the area benefits from the vigor of a nearby college town.


It’s easy to see why people are coming to Chesterton for a taste of the ideal American dream. Chesterton makes a perfect respite for people who commute to the city for work, which is why we at Steiner Homes are ready to help you find or build your dream home in one of four Chesterton subdivisions. At Steiner Homes, we’ll work with you to select a gorgeous location and floor plan that suits your lifestyle. Contact us today and learn about our affordable pricing, or schedule a tour in one of our gorgeous model homes and start visualizing your future in Chesterton.