How can a builder help you create your kitchen so that everyone loves hanging out there?

Most moms love when the family gathers together to relax and talk together. Besides perhaps the great room, the kitchen is where most family time takes place—plus, the kitchen is where the family assembles to eat! The challenge I love as a builder is to make that kitchen/ nook as warm and as functional as I can so that everyone loves to spend time there. Here are a few of our secrets that we use to make the kitchen warm and usable.

We have found that if the kitchen is too tight or constricting it feels and works badly. We always try to have at least 42” between islands, cabinets and appliances. 42” inches allows 2 people to work or walk in those areas of use. The nook which we always try to make free flowing out of the work area of the kitchen needs to be large enough to have a table that fits the needs of seating family and or friends. There again we try to have 42” behind chairs so that getting in and out is easy.

Having a large kitchen pantry is so valuable for storing lots of items out of the way but still within easy access. We try to build lockers off of the kitchen so that all of the things that come home with the kiddos are easily stored before they come into the kitchen scrounging for a snack or a drink.

Having a good amount of large windows in the kitchen/nook make the rooms feel open and warm. That normally includes a double full glass door that has easy access to a back deck with a grill and an outdoor sitting area. In Northwest Indiana it is really nice to make this area screened in. If the area is a deck with screening and a roof normally the costs are generally pretty easy on the wallet.

The island presents so many nice features for the way we live today. A large island with plenty of seating around it provides the opportunity for people to help prepare food, drink wine or just chat with whoever is working. The chairs or bar stools need to be very comfortable and not too tight together.

Quality cabinetry with certain features can make the preparers life so much easier. Dovetail drawers with wood sides and easy close drawers will give lasting ease. Some specialty cabinets that aren’t too costly give mom the ease and enjoyment of working in the kitchen (or husband as in my case).

To be continued.

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