Sometimes you want pizza to celebrate the kids’ little league victory, or you want a slice while you watch your favorite team play. Other times, you just don’t feel like making dinner. Pizza is often the perfect answer to grumbling bellies. However, not all pizzas are the same. Some have a chewy crust while others have a garlicky marinara sauce. Whether you like your crust thick and pillowy or thin and crunchy, there are lots of local places to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn about the best pizza parlors in Valparaiso, Indiana.

J&J’s Pizza Shack


pizza 002 by British Mum is licensed with CC BY 2.0

J&J’s Pizza Shack serves burgers and sandwiches, but you’ll want to go for the pizza. The family-owned-and-operated business has been proudly serving the community for years and uses only the finest ingredients available to ensure the best products.

The diverse menu features everything from pasta and salads to hot sandwiches, wings, and breaded cauliflower. The restaurant offers many traditional options, such as a pepperoni topping and thin crust pizza. You can opt for the typical 12-inch pie or go larger and get the party size. This pizza has a hefty 48 slices and can fill a large group easily.

We suggest you try one of their specialty pizzas, in either thick or thin crust, depending on your liking. Order The Kitchen Sink pizza and send us a thank you. This delicious circle of heaven comes topped with ground sausage, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, green and black olives, bacon, Canadian bacon, and ham. Another great option is a loyal customer favorite, the Supreme. This pizza has melty mozzarella with ground sausage, pepperoni, green pepper, and onions. Choose from a small 10-inch pizza to an extra-large 16-inch pizza. There are options to fit any size of appetite.

J&J’s Pizza Shack is at 1454 W. Lincolnway right here in Valparaiso. There is a convenient online ordering system, so you can pick up your order quickly, and take it with you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. All pizzas are made fresh and according to your preferences. The complete menu is easy to view because it’s available online. Check the website for hours of operation. For more information, call 219-476-1616.

The Rolling Stonebaker

The Rolling Stonebaker has been dubbed the best pizza in Indiana and for good reason. It’s deliciously warm and freshly baked pizza on wheels. Operating five food trucks in the Indiana area, the Rolling Stonebaker offers crab cakes and jalapeno poppers along with Stoner Bites. These delicious little bites can be ordered with your choice of red sauce or ranch dressing for dipping.

Upon entering their brick-and-mortar restaurant in downtown Valpo, you’ll find the small locale charming and packed with happy faces eating warm oven-baked pizza. While you’re there, try one of their unique takes on pizza and toppings. Many love The Potato Head. It’s a pizza with roasted garlic, ricotta, wood-roasted potatoes, a mozzarella and provolone cheese blend, and red onion. You can also go carnivore with The Purple Pig. This barbecue-inspired pizza is topped with pulled smoked pork shoulder and a tangy purple slaw.

The Rolling Stonebaker is located at 54 Lafayette St. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and Sunday. On Friday and Saturday, it’s open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The business is closed on Monday. For more information, call 219-462-0443.

Colada’s Premium Pizza

Colada’s Premium Pizza is an awesome place to treat yourself and your family to a night of delicious dining and interesting conversation. Regarded as some of the best pizza in Valparaiso, Colada’s boasts a diverse menu and classic flavors. Connected to Zao Island, it’s family fun and food in one trip. Order the Paradise Supreme with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers on a bed of flavorful sauce and melted cheese.

Conveniently located next to a mini golf course and batting cages, Colada’s is at 1050 Horse Prairie Ave. Business hours are noon to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday. On Friday, the restaurant is open from noon to 10 p.m. On Saturday, it’s open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, or to place an order for pickup, call 219-462-1194.

Beggar’s Pizza

Beggar’s Pizza will have you coming back and begging for more even after you’ve had your fill. Established in 1976, Beggar’s began as a family-owned Italian business and has flourished into one of the best pizza places around. Beggar’s Pizza uses quality ingredients, so you have the most flavor in each bite. According to their motto, Beggar’s is known for laying it on thick and stacking their pizza with only the best toppings.

If you want to really get a taste of what this pizza parlor can do, order the simple pepperoni pizza. It sounds boring, but the ingredients are piled high, and the pizza’s simplicity lets the flavorful crust shine through with a delicious crunch and warm interior in every bite. If you have picky eaters, get the simple cheese pizza, and they’ll be asking for more before you know it.

Beggar’s Pizza is at 3518 Calumet Ave. Regular business hours are 4 p.m to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and noon to 8 p.m. on Sunday. Pickup, delivery, and online ordering are available. For more information, call 219-299-2224.

So, there you have it. Steiner Homes has enjoyed sharing our list of the best pizza parlors in Valparaiso, Indiana with you. Whether you like your pizza simple and cheesy or with all the toppings possible, Valparaiso has a place that’s sure to fix that craving. What do you think of our list? Did we miss your favorite spot to grab a slice? If we did, please let us know. Leave us a message sharing your thoughts, and we’ll be happy to check out your ideas. You might even find your suggestion featured on our list in the future.