If you’ve spent much time exploring the housing market, you’ve probably come across dozens of ranch-style and craftsman homes. You’ve likely seen a liberal amount of Federal, Victorian, Colonial, and contemporary-style houses too. What you probably haven’t seen a lot of are A-frame houses. This is a highly distinct construction design that stands out on any lot. If you want something fresh, modern, and creative, an A-frame construction may be just what you’re after.

A-Frame Homes

What Does an A-Frame Construction Look Like?

An A-frame home features a distinct design. You’ll notice a steeply sloping gable roof that extends nearly or entirely to the ground. As the name suggests, these homes look like a giant letter “A” due to their sharply peaked shape. An A-frame home has flat walls on the front and back, but neither of the sides has noticeable walls, as the roof reaches almost to the ground. Instead, you simply see the sloping shape of the roof on the interior, as well as the exterior, of the home.

A-frame homes usually feature a lot of windows on the front and back to provide expansive views of the outdoors. This home style works well with either one or two floors, but, in many cases, the second floor is limited to a loft because the sloping walls make the space smaller as you get higher up. You’ll greatly enjoy soaring ceilings from the bottom floor of the house. However, the ceilings, which double as walls, are much closer to you on the second level. This can make an A-frame uncomfortable for taller homeowners and visitors.

What Makes A-Frame Homes Unique?

A-frame homes are popular in areas where mid-century modern designs abound, such as Palm Springs. You’ll also typically find these homes in areas with stunning views. Homes tucked away in the hills, perched on a mountain top, or positioned along a lakefront are ideally suited to an A-frame construction because those expansive windows make the most of the view.

A-frame houses often have a distinctly minimalist design. This type of house has many size limitations, so you will usually find just one or two bedrooms and open living areas inside. Simple, modern decor works well in an A-frame home. Since space is at a premium, this is the perfect pick if you’re intrigued by tiny houses and a simplified way of living.

An A-frame design doesn’t offer as much privacy as other home styles, which makes it perfect for a single person or a couple living alone without kids. The vaulted second story is typically open to the rest of the house, and this may serve as the only bedroom, so you won’t usually want to share the space with many others. Often, A-frame houses can serve as popular vacation rental properties and make for relaxing getaways and wonderful romantic retreats.

The Benefits of a Custom-Built A-Frame House

The simplistic construction of A-frame houses offers many benefits that set it apart from other home designs. With this unique architectural style, you’ll enjoy several key features that are difficult or even impossible to find in other home constructions.

Protection From Snow and Rain

The steeply peaked rooflines of A-frame houses are ideal for shedding water or snow, which is important in many of our Northwest Indiana subdivisions. Valparaiso, Indiana, is one of the snowiest places in the state, with an average annual snowfall of 39 inches.

Snow and ice accumulating on your rooftop can form ice dams around the eaves. This buildup of ice puts extra weight on your walls. If the exterior of your home isn’t properly sealed, the moisture can seep inside and potentially cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. The heavy weight of snow buildup on the roof can even cause it to collapse inward. The nature of an A-frame construction means snow naturally drops off onto the ground, so you’re unlikely to have that kind of weight sitting over your head.

Energy Efficiency

The spacious roof surfaces of an A-frame construction expose your home to a significant amount of solar radiation. This can reduce your heating expenses in the long winter months and save you thousands of dollars over the years. In areas like Valparaiso, Naperville, and Chicago, where January lows hover around 16 degrees, the A-frame’s natural ability to gather warmth is extremely welcome. An A-frame construction also gives you a spacious roof that’s well-suited to solar panels if you’re looking for ways to be more eco-friendly.

If you have windows on opposite sides of the home, you can create outstanding cross-ventilation in warm-weather months. This can cut your cooling costs and create a refreshing feeling inside your home.

Simple Construction

A-frame homes are easy to construct due to their simple, straightforward design. This means you’ll typically pay less in construction costs and work with a smaller team throughout the construction process. Building your house should be quicker, too. In addition, A-frames offer outstanding structural integrity, so you can rely on this design to serve you well long into the future.

Rarity Value

A-frame houses are rather uncommon, but they can increase their value in the right market. This type of home has a distinct design that appeals to many people who often won’t settle for anything less than an authentic A-frame construction. If you own an A-frame house, you may have an advantage that can work in your favor if you want to sell your home later on.

Get a Custom A-Frame House Built to Your Specifications

Our custom home builders at Steiner Homes in Northwest Indiana specialize in creating homes that perfectly suit your needs, whether this is an A-frame house or a more traditional option. We complete our projects quickly, so you can plan for a convenient moving date that works with your schedule. Talk to our team at Steiner Homes to learn more and start your journey to a custom home.

Photo Credit: a – frame cabin in the woods with a green door by Clay Banks is licensed with Unsplash License