Your home is the place you’ll go to spend time with the people you love, building the life and family you’ve always dreamed about. That’s why it’s so important to find a house that suits your lifestyle and personal taste. Sometimes, though, it’s harder than you might expect to find that house that exactly fits your needs and desires.

Creating a custom-built home allows you to make decisions about the details that will make your house into your family’s unique home. Learn about what to expect when building a custom home with Steiner Homes.

What Are Custom-Built Homes?

A custom-built home is a house designed to your unique specifications. Instead of building a home using a pre-designed plan created without the homeowner getting involved, a custom home builder uses your input to create the exact house you want.

Finding the right home to build your life with your family can seem like a challenge. You might find a great area to live in but then realize you can’t find any available houses that meet your needs. Or you might find the perfect house but then discover the area it’s in is less-than-ideal. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your dream home exist in the exact beautiful community you want to live in? With custom-built homes, you can.

Choosing whether you want to work with a custom home builder comes down to how much input you want to have during the design and construction process of your future home. A custom home builder will create a one-of-a-kind house, offering a range of design possibilities to ensure you end up with the home of your dreams.

What Are the Benefits of Having Your Home Custom-Built?

two story custom built home for sale in indiana

Custom-built homes open up a world of possibilities. Getting a custom home means:

  • You can build your dream home on land you acquire or land you already own.
  • You can supply a floor plan or use a floor plan from a custom home builder.
  • You can simplify the process by working with a custom home builder that manages both architectural design and construction.
  • You can get more involved in the process of creating your dream home, taking the opportunity to make decisions that directly impact the final product.

Do Custom-Built Homes Cost a Lot?

Although your mind might automatically jump to huge, expensive house when you think about custom homes, you can get custom-built homes to fit a variety of budgets. A few key factors affect the total cost of a custom home project:

  • The size of the house.
  • The intricacy of the design.
  • The land you buy.
  • The building materials and products you choose.

That said, a custom home can be anything from a simple ranch-style house to an elaborate, multi-story house. That’s the beauty of getting a customized home — you can decide how many stories and bedrooms you want, finding the ideal floor plan and designing the perfect home to fit your unique lifestyle and family goals.

Keep in mind that unexpected costs related to land may affect the final cost of your project, so do your homework before diving in. Many homebuyers understand that customization affects the price of a home, but they don’t take costs associated with the land into consideration.

New Custom Built Home in indiana

For example, some people decide to build a custom home on a flat suburban lot for which they already hold the deed. Finished lots often already have in-ground utilities available. These lots are ready for building and won’t necessarily come with additional costs.

On the other end of the spectrum is steep, hillside property and wooded, rural land. The upfront costs for preparing land that was previously undeveloped can add higher costs on top of the price of the land itself. That’s because site prep, such as bringing in electric, sewage, and water lines, excavating a foundation, and building a driveway can end up being fairly expensive.

All in all, you’ll want to figure out and stick to a realistic budget when you go the custom-built route. The custom home builder you work with can help you with this, including helping to estimate any additional costs for your desired project. That way, you can make sure you’re creating a home to love for a price you can afford. The good news is, custom home projects are inherently flexible, so you can create a home that meets all of your needs.

What Are the Steps to Creating a Custom-Built Home?

So, how does building a custom home work? Though the exact process may vary, you’ll generally follow a few basic steps:

  1. Find a custom home builder.
  2. Choose your floor plan, either by providing your own plan, working with an architect to design your home from scratch, or using customizable floor plans from the custom home builder.
  3. Select the details that make your new home truly unique.

Building a custom home allows you to pick most of the details. For instance, you can work with your custom home builder to work around existing trees to place windows that take advantage of the best property views. Yes, you’ll end up spending more time designing and constructing a custom home than you would buying an existing house. However, when you know what to expect, you can look forward to a smooth process that results in that house you’ve always imagined.

Custom-built homes mean nearly unlimited choices, with the main restrictions coming from any building code or zoning limitations and the budget you set. If you get excited thinking about bringing a dream home to life from a blank piece of paper, a custom-built home is for you.

No matter where you want to put down roots and start your family, the right home provides the basis for creating the life you imagine. You don’t have to settle for a buying a house you don’t truly love. Getting a custom home will allow you to find that home you’ve always dreamed of, creating a welcoming space to enjoy with loved ones for years to come. Contact us to get started building your dream home today.