In 2022, homeowners are transforming their residences with vibrant art pieces and new furniture. They’re also maximizing the space in their homes to account for the extra time they’re spending there. You might recognize some of the top design trends for this year that resemble décor from previous decades, while others are unique to the modern era.

Educational Spaces

computer desk with monitors

Image by blupics licensed under CC BY 2.0

Educational spaces are popular this year, thanks to schools emphasizing virtual learning and companies allowing remote work. The rooms are equipped with high-speed internet access and have sockets for plugging in cords for electronic devices, such as computers and tablets. They’re also quiet to enable children to concentrate on their homework or adult employees to submit work tasks and host virtual conferences. For instance, a designated education room may include whiteboards for a tutor or a parent to reinforce principles from a lesson plan.

Brown Shades

Various shades of brown are prevalent in home décor this year. They contribute to a desire to keep a design neutral and minimalist. They’re also a product of inspiration from the 1970s, which used earthy tones paired with bold colors like red and orange. Homeowners may opt for lighter shades of brown, including tan, to adorn the walls of the living room or throw pillows on the sofa. They may select chocolate brown to create a darker atmosphere, while caramel represents a happy medium.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are also widespread in home design. They can empower you to feel calm and at peace in your personal space. For instance, you can position large plants in every room of your home to strengthen your connection with the great outdoors. Large windows in common areas can allow the influx of natural light to greet you when you wake up in the morning. You can also use materials that remind you of nature, such as terracotta and marble, on surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. 

3D Art

Three-dimensional art is another bold choice for home décor that’s trending this year. It can make the walls of your home appear more lively. For example, rather than hanging up a painting of a flower, you can plaster 3D models of flowers on the wall to add whimsical flair to your living room. The models may be easier to adjust, allowing you to customize the design to your liking. You can also enjoy more flexibility by arranging 3D models, which can enable you to alter the décor for different occasions, such as holidays.

Dark Kitchens

Instead of the white-painted kitchens that were popular in previous years, the new year is seeing a rise in kitchens with dark colors and materials. Granite and marble are on the countertops, which help hide stains that occur from eating and cooking. Dark-colored backsplashes can fulfill the same purpose from behind the stoves. Homeowners may use dark, neutral colors, such as navy blue and chocolate brown, to transform the tone of the kitchen and its aesthetic appeal.

Fancy Outdoor Furniture

The more time that people spend at home, the more emphasis they may place on transforming their living areas, including the patio. Fancy outdoor furniture is prevalent with the prevalence of outside gatherings, such as barbecues and children’s birthday parties. It can make guests comfortable during their visits, and it can provide a reprieve and fresh air from lounging indoors. Examples of popular furniture include patio chairs, side tables, and decorative pillows.

Advanced Technology

Recent technological advancements have influenced the ways we decorate and live in our homes. The devices are often compatible with electronic devices you already use. Popular is a voice-activated thermostat that delivers daily and monthly reports about your house’s energy consumption. For the kitchen, you can invest in a smart refrigerator with internet compatibility, allowing you to watch video tutorials or search for dinner recipes from its doors. Another example is a humidifier that cleanses the air in the room with powerful sensors.

Multifunctional Rooms

A multifunctional room is an area that can serve several purposes. It can be an extra bedroom or an empty section in the living room. It allows you to maximize the space in your home. For example, you can place a vanity table and mirror in one corner of an unoccupied room and your desk and computer in the opposite corner. Now the room doubles as your beauty space and home office.


Nestled in the corner of a kitchen, a banquette can remind you of a booth at your favorite restaurant. Its upholstered bench provides cushioned, comfortable seating for multiple people. The proximity of the chairs on the opposite side of the table can make it easy to have intimate conversations during a meal. Banquettes are trending for their ability to save space in your kitchen while standing out with their unique design.

Window Treatments

Another top home design trend for the year is bold window treatments, such as curtains, sheets, and drapes. They can enhance the décor of a room, delivering a fresh pop of color or donning a bold pattern that captures your attention when you enter the space. For example, if you want consistency in your home décor, then you might opt for the same shade on the drapes as you have on the throw pillows on your sofa. If your living room has more neutral tones, then you might use bright-colored curtains to add vibrancy.

Traditional Pieces

Certain home design trends may never go out of style. While some homeowners may strive to fill their houses with modern furniture and futuristic technology, others may choose pieces that remind them of the residences of their parents and grandparents. You can dangle an antique chandelier in your dining room, for instance, or use a vintage teapot on the coffee table. If you grew up sitting on leather furniture, then you might want a sectional and love seat with the same color and material, giving you nostalgia about the decade of your childhood.

At Steiner Homes, we’re happy to explore the most popular types of home décor for 2022. Don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know about designs that you see are becoming more popular as the year progresses.