Getting to Know You

This may be the most critical of all steps in the process, but for us, it's also the most fun! Everyone's wants and desires differ, and it is absolutely crucial to find out yours in order to arrive at our final destination, the home of your dreams! This is where we decide on a plan and tailor it to fit you. This could mean a room that needs to be a bit bigger or a ceiling that needs to become a trey or cathedral. Would you like a covered deck? How about a open living room turned into a office with beautiful French doors? This is where all of these questions are answered... and the creation of your dream begins.


During this phase, many things are happening behind the scenes in order for day one of construction to begin. Steiner Homes begins work your revised designs, land survey and home placement, subdivision developer and town approval of your home design, and working with you on initial home selections that will be needed earliest in construction, such as your tubs and showers and exterior colors for roofing, siding, brick and stone. The planning phase with initial selection process usually takes one month and overlaps with Step 3, Excavation.


The third phase marks the beginning of actual construction. During excavation, we break ground and dig out the site of your home. The phase includes the foundation, underground plumbing, and interior flooring of your home. While this phase is underway, usually taking three weeks, the initial selections started in step 2 are decided and ordered. Our second selections meeting begins approximately half-way through this timeframe, which consists of electrical and plumbing selections. We will go over each one, deciding items such as telephone and cable placement, exterior hose bib locations, and plumbing fixtures, just to name a few.


The fourth phase of our process turns your plans on paper into the beginnings of reality. Your house will take full shape, as all interior and exterior walls and roof are formed. While this 3-4 week process occurs, we finish the second selection meeting and begin the third and final one. This consists of all interior selections such as flooring, cabinetry and lighting. This final selection process, usually broken into two meetings, take place near the beginning of framing and is decided near the end of this step.

Exterior Finishes and Mechanical Rough-ins

The fifth phase marks the beginning of the exterior finishes and interior mechanical rough-ins. Exterior finishes begin with roofing, and continue with siding, brick, stone and exterior concrete. This entire exterior process takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks, overlapping with the next few steps, and is very weather dependent. The interior mechanical rough-ins, which include HVAC, plumbing and electrical typically take 1-2 weeks and end with an inspection period before the walls are covered.

Insulation, Drywall and Flooring

The sixth phase, lasting approximately 3-4 weeks, begins with the complete insulation and drywall of your home. Once this is complete, the house is cleaned and all walls and ceilings are primed. This phase ends with all hard surface (wood and tile) flooring and wall tile installed and protected.


The seventh phase marks the true beginning of a glimpse into what your future holds. Cabinetry and base is installed, doors and windows are cased, and stairways, columns and lockers are created. The beauty of the woodwork begins to show the gorgeous look your home will soon possess. This process typically takes 2 weeks and marks the beginning of the end of final construction.

Final Construction

The home stretch... excuse the pun! The last phase of construction, usually 3 weeks, sees the final touches, including final coating of paint and stain, installation of all finish hardware including doorknobs, mirrors, and cabinet pulls, and the final installation of all HVAC and electrical trim as well as all plumbing fixtures. Finally, carpet is laid, closet shelving is installed and professional cleaning occurs.

Your Dream... Delivered

Once construction is complete, we walk your home and develop our final punch list prior to our completion. This is our final quality control inspection and your home checked carefully using a checklist of over 300 items! After this checklist is complete and the final punch list is made, we conduct a tour with our clients and introduce their new home!
Steiner Homes is building beautiful new homes in all of Northwest Indiana.
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